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Camping Holidays in Normandy

Normandy beach

Normandy is remembered for the epic D-Day landings…but its rich history dates back to William The Conquerer. Today, it wins the hearts of holidaymakers with a wealth of attractions making it ideal for touring by car or bicycle.

Pegasus Bridge

Pegasus Bridge

Visit the café at Pegasus Bridge, made famous by Major John Howard and his men, who landed in their gliders there, in the early hours of the 6th June 1944. It is now an interesting stop, inside being full of original artifacts from D-Day.

Bayeux, famous for the Bayeux tapestry


Famous for the Bayeux tapestry and the Notre Dame Cathedral, this beautiful place is also the resting place to a large number of fallen British military from WW2, housing 4648 graves.

D-Day Remembrance day

D-Day celebrations

Around the 6th June numerous military vehicles processions, shows, and exibitions will take place for the 71st anniversary of D-Day.

Calvados apple brandy


This famous apple brandy is served all over the Normandy area, commonly served in between courses, or used in cooking. A particular treat not to be missed is apples flambéed in calvados and served with ice cream.

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So what's in store on a family holiday in Normandy? Cheese. Cider. Sand. Pancakes. Tapestry. The perfect recipe for a Norman family holiday. From the sweeping sandy beaches to the rich rolling countryside, Normandy offers so much for a self catering holiday. Wander round the forested slopes of the Seine Valley, across lush meadows, through cider orchards and on to the windswept shores of the Alabaster coast. Wherever you end up, the pastoral scenery of this unspoilt and historic region leaves a lasting impression. Steeped in history, both ancient and more recent, Normandy has the closest of links with good old blighty. With invasions playing a big part. The whole area is dripping with history and intrigue, from the unbelievable Bayeux Tapestry to the poignant but fascinating museums and memorials around the Normandy landing beaches.


What to eat and drink in Normandy

As you'd imagine, fresh fish and seafood especially oysters and scallops are both plentiful and delicious and widely used in the region's cuisine. Another Normandy speciality (and most definitely an acquired taste) are the pungent andouillettes or tripe sausages. Although there is no true local wine, Normandy more than makes up for it as a major cider-producing region. So relax in your mobile home over a refreshing and delicious glass or two. It's the perfect accompaniment to the wonderful local cheeses like Camembert, Livarot and Pont L'Eveque. All washed down with the classic Trou Normand - warming Calvados (apple brandy). Yummy.


What to see and do in Normandy

The spectacular sandy beaches of Normandy offer a whole host of activities from windsurfing and sailing to fishing or just lolling around making dams or conjuring up castles. Hit the chic Deauville boardwalk where international film stars keep their historic beach huts. Or for lunch head for the idyllic harbour of Honfleur. The family run holiday parc at St-Aubin- sur- Mer boasts impressive pool complex and a coastal campsite location.