Ages 9 to 12 years

How do you fancy meeting kids your own age on holiday and getting involved in exciting outdoor activities? Come along to The Station for your chance to try out new challenges or pause to answer a head-scratching quiz question with new friends.

Kids Club opening dates for 2018 will be confirmed later in 2017, so keep an eye on our Kids Club pages for updates.

Activities include

  • Sports or outdoor activities
  • Quizzes
  • Talent shows
  • Discos
  • Breakfast Club
  • Chill out evenings
  • Parties
Available at the following parks:

Our Station kids club has been added to, so there is even more fun on offer in 2017.

Exclusively to be found at our park La Vallée, in Houlgate, Normandy, with brilliant new activities to challenge and excite whilst having loads of fun with new friends.

PLUS activities include

  • Body Zorbing - Have a go at Sumo and Body Zorb football.
  • Movie Directors - Here's the chance to produce, direct and star in your very own short film on park, using cameras and editing software in our Movie Directors session.
  • Underwater explorers - Learn and experience the joys of swimming and seeing underwater. Complete the challenges such as collecting pearls or completing obstacle course to ensure your team is victorious.

Ages 4 - 17

Non-stop dancing for the hour-long class, your cool kids will learn a little about the history of the five main street dance styles. We're sure they'll come home even more confident in breakin', hip-hop and house.

Make sure to book your place in class!

Each class is priced at €6 per session.

There are separate sessions for ages 4 to 9 and 9 to 17 years. The classes run 6 days a week from the 27/5 - 04/06 - 02/09, with a single one hour session per day for each age group.

Available at the following parks:

Domaine de Naiades, La Croix du Vieux Pont

Ages 4 - 17

Star Academy is made up of three high-energy sessions (each lasting two hours) taking place over three consecutive days, ending in a star-studded glitzy finale show that parents and friends are invited to watch.

All performance elements are covered during these jam-packed sessions including singing and dancing to favourite show and movie tunes, and lots of drama and improvisation too. They'll be taught specific musical theatre and dance styles, as well as given tips on perfecting their performance skills from industry experts, Razzamataz.

The classes cost €40 for the three sessions.

There are seperate sessions for ages 4 to 9 and ages 9 to 17 years. Sessions run from the 27/5 - 04/06 and from 24/06 - 03/09.

Available at the following parks:

Domaine de Naiades, La Croix du Vieux Pont

Ages 4 - 12

Are you ready to get stuck into the best bits from all of our kids' clubs and make new friends at Fun Station For All? These free clubs allow anyone from 4 - 12 to play alongside each other and are a great spot to hang out with siblings if you've got older or younger brothers and sisters.

Please note that some activities, such as pizza parties and breakfast clubs, may incur a small additional cost.

Available at the following parks:

Castel Montgri, Le Clarys Plage, Des Menhirs, Domaine de NaiadesDomaine des OrmesLa BaumeLa Chapelle, La Croix du Vieux Pont, La Garangeoire, La Grande Metairie, Les Mediteranées Beach Garden