Did you know we are celebrating our birthday? It’s 15 years since we took our first booking and so we thought we’d give you a few facts about how we’ve grown.

  • Al Fresco Holidays started with just 6 members of staff – and now we have over 150!
  • In 2003 we started with just two mobile home types – The Rossini and Vivaldi, and whilst we still have those models we now have over 20 different mobile homes models.
  • We are proud to be born and bred in Bury, just outside Manchester. We have had three different offices in that time - all in the Black Pudding capital of the world!
  • Clive in our call centre took the first booking and he is still going strong – last year he booked over £1million worth of holidays!
  • We started life as a partnership with Tui, but went solo in 2011 – but you can still find our brochure in their stores.
  • We have over 1600 mobile homes on over 70 parks in 6 countries.
  • Our youngest member of staff wasn’t even at school when we started, and our oldest member of staff says they are still only 21!!
  • When our office flooded in the Christmas 2015 floods, one of the call centre staff’s car floated away!
  • We like to think there is a bit of cupid in Al Fresco – some of our Reps have got married and even had babies!
  • When we had mobile homes in the snow, some of the staff had to defrost frozen pipes with hairdryers  - now we stick to sunnier climes!
  • There are TWO sets of mothers and daughters who work for Al Fresco – although they look like sisters obviously!
  • On a staff visit to a park, all staff had to cycle 40 miles to reach a park. It felt like a good idea at the time apparently!!