We pride ourselves on that Al Fresco Holidays personal service, from booking your holiday, through to looking after you whilst you are at your destination. Our on-site reps are there to make your holiday as smoothly as possibly but sometimes you may not be able to track them down and wonder just what could they be doing…?

This is a diary from one of our brilliant reps, on one of our holiday parks, for just one day. Imagine how much they get done across the whole season!


“This morning we started checkouts at 5.45am and because we knew we’d be busy we wanted to start cleaning as early as possible. We ended up having 15 departures and 14 arrivals” 


“Between 6-10am we were juggling checking-out customers and cleaning. In order to get to everyone on time and ensure the mobile homes are ready for the next arrivals, we have to stick to a very strict schedule”


“By 10am everyone is successfully checked out, so focus on cleaning the mobile homes. We each have 5 to do it takes us up to an hour and a half to clean a mobile home and replace any missing inventory. Then we need to put in any linen ordered and any extra items that have been booked.”


“By 2pm there is only one mobile home left to clean, so one staff member is stays to prepare that mobile home and the other two go for a quick lunch break before check-in starts at 3pm” 


“We get to reception at 3pm and there are a number of families waiting to check in so we split up and get everyone checked in as quickly as possible, arrivals steadily keep coming until 4pm when we get a little break”


By 4.30pm we are only waiting for three more people, so whilst one of us stays on reception the other goes to make appointments with the customers checking out on Sunday and Monday, and do a ‘meet and greet’ visit on any new customers.”

“During the meet and greet a customer complains that their boiler is not working properly so check it out. Unfortunately it’s not a problem we can fix, so we report it to the maintenance team and will visit the customer again on Sunday to make sure the problem is resolved. We also have another customer who would like to add air conditioning to the booking, so we arrange this, and a customer leaving next week who would like a quote for next year, so we make a note of their details so we can arrange it for them in the morning.” 

“Everyone else is happy and relaxed so we will check on them again in the morning. We find customers usually have lots of questions about the local area after a good night's rest.”


“By 6pm we only have two arrivals left so two of us finish for the evening and our colleague arrives to start night duty. She will wait at reception for the last arrivals until 7pm and will be on call to check people in until 9pm. She will also remain on call for the night to deal with any emergencies”