Home to some of Europe's best kept tourism secrets and some of our most stunning parks, don't overlook Croatia when you are booking your next Al Fresco holiday!


Route 1 - Two parks in one trip as you travel from La Vallee to La Croix du Vieux Pont

Drive Time 1:23hrs - Distance - 100km 

 Route 7 Croatia Desktop 

Driving all the way to Croatia may be a little bit too much, but this undiscovered gem is the perfect fly-drive destination.

The heart-shaped peninsula of Istria defies expectation with its stunning scenery, beautiful beaches and picturesque towns.

Stage 1 and just 9km from Park Umag departure stage is the town of Umag. As you walk around this delightful port town you can still see the remains of its 10th century walls.

If you like your food then Stage 2 is worth a visit. Buje is a hilltop town in the north of the region and surrounded by vineyards (it would be rude not to at least try some of the local vino!) and over 50,000 olive trees which produce some of the countries award winning olive oil.

Stage 3 is the Lim valley or Limski Kanal as the locals call it, is a 35km long narrow canyon that would give Norway’s finest fjords a run for their money in the spectacular stakes, and is the perfect backdrop for a ‘just out for a drive’ Facebook post!

It is hard to forget Stage 4Pula, was founded by the Romans when you see the Arena - an amazing first century amphitheatre which once housed 20,000 watching gladiators and chariot races. It’s not just historic sites in the city, there are plenty of bars and restaurants to sample modern Croatian hospitality too.

If you want to find out more about where to travel in Croatia, take a look at our Croatia country page and start planning out your driving route!