Our nearest neighbour is one of our favourite driving destinations, and it’s easy to see why!


The great thing about driving to your Al Fresco holiday is that you can load up the car with everything you need, as well as a few other things you may not! Whilst you are packing, just make sure to remember a few essentials:

1) You must have a warning triangle and an unused, certified (with an ‘NF’ number) breathalyser in your car when driving in France (available from places like Halfords), as well as a reflective jacket within reach in case you break down.

2) Make sure you have some room to pick up some of France’s finest produce along the way. It seems fitting that the world’s best booze happens to be produced among some of the world’s most scenic countryside settings!

3) Whilst we have covered some amazing wines on our recommended road trips found below, we would strongly advise any driver to wait until you get to your Al Fresco Holidays destination before sampling anything you may have bought. This way, you can simply relax and enjoy the best of what France has to offer.

Route 1 - Two parks in one trip as you travel from La Vallee to La Croix du Vieux Pont

Drive Time 5:50hrs - Distance - 467km 

 Route 1 France Desktop 

After exploring the history packed sites of the D-Day landings around La Vallee, the first leg of the journey is to Paris. Stage 1 is the Palace of Versaille, home of France’s Kings until the French Revolution. Whilst the Palace may not be as opulent as when Louis XVI left to be beheaded, it is a stunning building. 

Stage 2 is Paris. Whilst there is so much to see and do in one of Europe’s greatest cities, a quick drive around the Arc de Triomphe is enough to put most people off attempting to drive through it. If you want to stop off en-route to La Croix du Vieux Pont, you can grab a bite to eat in the suburbs or park up and take public transport into the city centre. 

The journey between Paris and Stage 3 is a reward in itself, but the destination also happens to be the home of Champagne! Enjoy a tour of a grand Champagne house or pick up some great value fizz from a smaller producer.

Route 2 - 'Brandy and wine regions of France' from Cognac to Le Ruisseau Des Pyrenees park

Drive Time - 3:25hrs - Distance - 319km 

Route 2 France Desktop 
Stage 1 is the home of the world’s finest brandy - Cognac. Stage 2 is the city of Bordeaux - home to La Cité Du Vin, where you will discover everything there is to know about wine. 

You can then put your newly found knowledge to the test as you drive through the countryside, which is home to Bordeaux wine producing vineyards, by stopping off and picking up a few bottles of this amazing red!

Route 3 - 'White wine, mustard and Roman architecture' from Chablis to Val de Bonnal park

Drive Time - 5:23hrs - Distance - 566km

 Route 3 France Desktop

Whilst the French make stunning red wines, they also make some of the world’s best whites. Stage 1 is the town who produces one of those - Chablis. All the grapes which make this famous wine have to be grown within a strict local area. 

Chablis is made with Chardonnay grapes, but unlike other Chardonnay wines, the cool climate produces a more delicate wine. A trip through Stage 2, Burgundy, means checking out its famous wines, with some amazing producers en-route.

Stage 3 is Dijon - not only home to the famous mustard, it is also home to an amazing history dating back to before the Romans settled there, and the picturesque city enjoys a mix of architecture which rewards a visit. 

If you want to find out more about where to travel in France, take a look at our France country page and start planning out your driving route!