Travel Trends with Al Fresco Holidays 

How have attitudes to holidays changed with Covid-19?

Having spent the best part of 2020 relying on our imaginations to transport us to our favourite destinations under the sun, the reopening of borders and lifting of international travel bans in recent weeks means we no longer have to dream. 

Our desire to explore the unexplored remains part of who we are as people, with travel as a favourite pastime looking set to continue even in a post Covid-19 world. 

While counting down the days until your much needed break away will always be one of the most exciting times of the year, we wanted to know more about whether the type of holiday you look for may have changed.

Whether it’s making sure you are near plenty of outdoor activities like the beach or in the countryside, or if you would prefer to drive to your destination rather than fly, we recently asked a selection of our customers to complete a travel survey to find out more.

Demand for open-air getaways remains high

The open-air nature of our park holidays lends itself perfectly to a holiday environment where some form of social distancing is required.
Over 60% of our customers are considering booking an Al Fresco trip, suggesting that self-contained getaways with the chance to freely explore both in and around our campsites is particularly appealing. 

Coast, countryside and culture top the list for park location

Being able to stroll along the beach or walk in the calmness of the countryside ranked highly when considering the type of area you would like to stay when visiting our parks. 
Staying near a town or resort with cultural attractions in easy reach remains important. The lure of less crowded tourist spots and making sure there is always plenty to do for kids and teens are definite perks. 

France has it all when it comes to family-friendly holidays

Its close proximity to the UK and Ireland is certainly part of the reason why France comes out top of the pile for country destinations. 
With short journey times, beautiful beaches and gastro delights in abundance, it’s not hard to see why - and not forgetting that the weather tends to be a little on the warmer and drier side, particularly when visiting central or southern regions.

Self-drive journeys on the continent more likely in future

An American philosopher once said that “Life is a journey, not a destination”. This phrase seems especially relevant now, where journeying to our parks by car can open up a different type of holiday adventure.
It seems that you think so too! With many of you now more likely to travel to our parks via ferry or Eurotunnel enabling you to set off, stop off and take in the scenery at leisure – think of it as an adventure before the adventure.  

Outdoor activities, space and good weather on your list of must-haves

It’s comforting to know that some things never change. Sunny days in which to relax on your spacious mobile home decking or explore in and around the park are as vital as ever, while cleanliness and space have perhaps jumped up the list of priorities in recent times.
With 65% of you believing health and safety is now more important than ever, our new All Points Protection procedures on park will put your mind at ease, leaving you free to embrace your new found hobbies of walking and cycling from your time in lockdown. 
We really enjoyed getting your feedback on what you want from a holiday in these ever changing times. 

Here at Al Fresco Holidays, we firmly believe that our parks offer the outdoor activities, space, freedom and safety that you are asking for as part of your future travels.

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