• Yelloh! Village le Pin Parasol
    Châteaulong, 85220 La Chapelle Hermier
  • GPS Co-ordinates 46.66604887 -1.755023003

Public transport

  • Local Railway Mothe Achard, 12km : Services to La Roche, Les Sables
  • Bus Station la mothe achard, 7km : Services to bus Nantes, Les Sables, La Roche, La Rochelle

Travelling by Ferry & Eurotunnel

Many of our parks are located close to ferry ports in the countries and regions which host our resorts. From the UK, you can get a ferry from your closest destination and then make your way by car or public transport to your campsite.

Recommended Ports

  • Roscoff: 448km ( recommended )
  • Cherbourg: 434km

Flights - recommended routes