Whilst every Al Fresco park is a wonderful entertainment centre in its own right, each featuring magnificent pools, eateries and nearby attractions just a flip-flop stride away, they are almost all within a reasonable drive/bus/train-ride to sights and sounds of a mystical, ‘metropolitan style’. In other words, you might well find yourself an hour or so away from the joys of Paris, or half an hour away from the brilliance of Barcelona, or Verona, or Rome, or Florence...the list goes on. Now city centre bustle might not be to everybody’s taste; but these fabulous European centres have so much more to offer than high prices and noise. They feature truly remarkable architecture, art, cuisine, customs and colour of a kind that simply cannot be found elsewhere on earth. In essence, they leave an indelible mark on every traveller’s mind. Small wonder that such cities entice repeat visit after repeat visit. Thing is, you always feel you’ve missed something. And you will miss something indeed if you don’t dodge the park pool for the day and immerse your family in the magic...

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When the rigours of holiday parc pleasure begin to take their toll, what better way to unwind and take a ‘time out’ than a lazy hour or two in the Wellness Spa? Here, the roomy indoor pool features invigorating spray fountains together with separate whirlpool booths where you can kick back and let the bubbling jets do their healing work. Also in the complex you will find a hammam (Turkish bath), sauna, family-sized Jacuzzi cabin and a massage suite, where expert hands can pummel and caress stressed muscles back into well-toned shape.

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Holidays are all about getting away from it all, escaping the routine, basking in sunnier climes...and plunging into clear water pools for hour upon hour of frenzied, splash-tastic fun! Of course most of our holiday parks have pools. But there are pools and there are pools – and some truly stand out for their sheer scale, variety and ‘Wow! factor’. These are our favourites, which we believe deserve special mention. Not just for their size, but for their multiple water thrill options – slides, whirly chutes, gentle dinghy rivers, wave effects and more. We’ve also included some nearby alternatives, should the gang want a change of scene (or pace). These ‘pro-style’ waterparks all offer huge and colourful diversions and hair-raising, pulse-racing excitement.

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There are some holiday traditions that will never fade. Even though at Al Fresco our parks have just about every conceivable pool and playground attraction to keep tots-to-teens amused all day long, there comes a time when only a bucket and spade and burying dad in the sand will suffice. That’s why most of our parks are within easy reach of a beach. Now, not all are sandy. Not all are quiet. They’re mostly all Blue Flag. And they offer off-park alternatives guaranteed to make everybody smile. From pedaloes to kite-surfing, jet-ski’s to volleyball, you’ll find all you could ever need to make those lazy, balmy days in the sun just that tiny bit more exciting. Of course, you needn’t indulge in all that pulse-raising high-jinks to have a good time. There’s nothing wrong with a yoga session in the sand, or a pina colada under a beach bar parasol, to help pass the time...

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Cavendish and Froome...? You don’t need to be a world-beating, hyper-fit Tour de France hero to revel in the joys of cycling. You needn’t pack a yellow jersey either. Just your shorts and t-shirt will do. And forget slogging up vertical hills in the boiling sun, jammed in the peloton, hotly pursued by tooting cars. The family cycle ways close to Al Fresco Holiday parks are gentle, serene, pleasant and quiet, smooth as the sole of a slipper, with plenty of room to ride abreast in comfort. You get a wide choice of machines too, one to suit all ages, shapes and sizes. You can even book on site in many cases, with specialist teams ready to help at the end of the phone. So if you don’t like to sit beside the pool all day, there are plenty of opportunities to get some fresh air up your nostrils and enjoy the ride...
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Why not take your nearest and dearest on an enchanting trip away on one of our relaxing, secluded, and serene parks? It could be Croatia, France, Holland, or Italy - you can surprise your loved one with a secret booking, or make your perfect pick together, so you can delight in some magical alone time on your dream trip. Enjoy a slice of paradise, such as bewitching sunsets and evening walks under the stars for a revitalising stay by the sun, sand, and sea. To offer some expert inspiration, we’ve hand selected 10 of our dreamiest resorts for couples, along with the exact moments which will make your trip a memorable, starry-eyed time away from it all.

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