Top Al Fresco Holiday parks for couples


Why not take your nearest and dearest on an enchanting trip away on one of our relaxing, secluded, and serene parks? It could be Croatia, France, Holland, or Italy - you can surprise your loved one with a secret booking, or make your perfect pick together, so you can delight in some magical alone time on your dream trip. Enjoy a slice of paradise, such as bewitching sunsets and evening walks under the stars for a revitalising stay by the sun, sand, and sea. To offer some expert inspiration, we’ve hand selected 10 of our dreamiest resorts for couples, along with the exact moments which will make your trip a memorable, starry-eyed time away from it all.


Want to be by yourselves for the day? Take a boat excursion from Zaton to the Kornati National Park, a collection of 100 small, mostly uninhabited islands of olive groves, vineyards and orchards. It’s an ideal opportunity to enjoy a slice of serenity in this beautiful environment where nature is at its most spectacular.

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At the most southerly tip of France, the natural beauty of the beach is awe inspiring. As described by Telegraph journalist Andrew Peregrine: "It's wild enough, with untrammelled sands, dunes and, towards the western end, great salt-meadows. There you may breathe, bathe and laze free, like pioneer settlers." It’s the most perfect setting for many a stroll by the surf as the sun sets in the distance, with extra opportunities to fit in a cheeky glass of wine or cocktail by the surf.

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Imagine kicking back on your terrace and admiring the twinkling lights of Rome's seven hills and even the dome of St Peter's Basilica. With the infinitely romantic city of Rome just up the road, the chance to take a leisurely stroll by the inspiring architecture is never far away. As you wander past the sights, you’ll have the chance to dine at some of the world’s best restaurants, sample fine wines, and return to your mobile home under the guide of moonlight.

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The secluded bay of Ghisonnaccia and the warm waters of the Mediterranean offer the perfect destination for an evening swim against the impressive backdrop of the rugged mountainous interior. If you’re an adventurer, you can then head out to the enchanting Restaurant Ghisonaccia L’etincelle in the local town of les Fitelles, or stay on the campsite for drinks by the beach under the dreamy haze of a starry evening.

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The Canopy beach bar is a tiny piece of paradise where you can snuggle up on a comfy sofa and watch the twinkling lights of St Tropez through the surrounding palm trees. The stretch of beach is beautiful and the park is also perfectly located for you to go on and explore the endless delights of the Cote d’Azur. With a backdrop of magnificent Port Grimaud, where dozens of cafés and restaurants on the seafront, you’ll be all set for evening dining as the sunset casts an orange hue over the horizon.

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Head to the fabulous wine cellar of la Cave cooperative les Vignerons de Portiragnes for sensational local wines blended by the expert, friendly team. After you've bought your litre of fresh local rosé, you can head over the dunes to the Plage de la Redoute for a scrumptious picnic as the sun sets.

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Take a day out to Amsterdam, the diamond capital of the world, where you can choose the right rock to put on your loved one's finger! Whilst you’re there, you can sample culinary delights at the charming De Kas restaurant, before taking one of Amsterdam’s famous boat tours along the canals – a wonderful way to see stunning sights at a relaxed rate of knots.

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The wide sands of Pentrez Beach unfold before you at the gates of Ker Ys - as you head towards the Camelos inlet, there are many secret caves and rock pools to take you back to carefree days of discovery. Couples can then travel to the isolated, but beautiful, local town of Saint-Nic, which features sweeping countryside and charming local restaurants.

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