One of the biggest reasons many of us travel abroad is to take in the variety of scenic views on offer.

It could be the rolling hills of Tuscany, the alpine forests of Austria, or the majestic mountain and sea backdrop found in Corsica - we have it all on our parks.

Get that perfect social media snap to make those back home green with envy enough to ‘hate-like’ your post, and take a look at our favourite parks each featuring natural beauty in droves.


Where better to get away from it all and take in the landscape than the unspoilt mountainsides of Styria. Lush greenery and forest canopies can be seen for miles around the campsite, with a real back-to-nature vibe to be found among the woodland and valleys ripe for exploration.

Bella Austria ›


This park in a secretive corner of Lake Garda feels almost otherworldly at times. Enjoy panoramic views of the lake and hillside surrounds from all corners of the park thanks to the hillside location - which you can also walk up to the peak for ever better photo opportunities!

Eden ›


An oasis in the Rivera, experience a picturesque alternative to the glitz and glamour for which the Cote D’Azur is traditionally known. Sip wine or cocktails from the bar terrace while soaking up the sun’s rays, while the man-made beach on site gives you sublime views over the forest covered peaks in front.

Esterel ›


This sleepy forest getaway in the olive groves of endlessly scenic Tuscan countryside is difficult to forget. Its dreamlike qualities only increase when you consider that the beach of Cecina is only 6km away, meaning you has the chance to discover the diverse region at its best.

Montescudaio ›


If gazing into the deep blue Adriatic from a picture-perfect beach sounds like the ideal way of passing the time, then this park could be the one for you. It’s not only the impressive seascape you can take in however, with the park also overlooking Brijuni National Park, which is a collection of 14 islands off the coast.

Brioni Sunny Camping ›


It won’t take long before you see why Corsica is nicknamed the ‘island of beauty’. Recharge your batteries while looking out to sea, before exploring the foliage-rich landscape where you will stumble across lakes, rivers and forest covered peaks.

Sole di Sari ›


Peel back the larger-than-life image of movie famous St Tropez and you will uncover an area brimming with splendid scenery. Head for drinks and food at the beach restaurant overlooking the bay, while Canopy sky bar is perfect for pointing out the stars with a cocktail in hand in the evening.

Les Prairies de La Mer ›