Styria is a beautiful mountainous region of Austria which is located to the South and borders with Hungary and Slovenia. With sprawling countryside in every direction, it’s a hiker’s dream, but the area is also famous for its charming chocolate-box villages and stunning landmarks such as Hoher Dachstein, Eggenberg Palace, and Schloßberg.

This mixture of breathtaking views and sense of history is matched by the excellent wine and spa from the region. Austrian festivals are also held throughout the summer, which adds to the rustic atmosphere and ensures holiday goers have plenty to do alongside taking in the many amazing sights.

The area is known for its health and mood promoting benefits, as the glorious central European sunshine is set amongst unmatchable scenery where families can enjoy long walks, a dip in the local pool, or trips out to the many historic and secluded villages dotted across the whole of Styria.

You Said

"Amazing views and so much to see and do. A really beautiful destination for any family... it was fabulous, thanks!" Sandra from Nottingham

Your Regional Specialist Emma

"Styria in jaw-dropping Austria is about as stunning as they come and your family will have an amazing and peaceful time in this secluded area. The main activities include hiking and visiting the local villages to wine and dine, but kids will also be entertained with our range of activities at the Bella Austria resort. This includes, of course, some really lovely swimming pools."

What to See & Do: Hiking!

Styria is one of the most naturally spectacular locations in the world and is perfect for hiking. For relaxing days out, head to the hills and take in the beauty of Austria!

Beaches & Lakes: Etrach Lake

Only a few kilometres from the park, this beautiful lake is close to the town of Murau. Here you can fish or take to the water on a boat for a relaxing time of it.

Old Favourite: Murau

This little Medieval town has a traditional brewery and beer cellar. It's nine miles away from the park and is a delightful place for a day out.

Local Cuisine: On-Site Restaurant

The on-site restaurant offers authentic Austrian cuisine, but there are always takeaway options and a handy bar which will ensure your trip is as much fun as it should be.

Hidden Gem: Gunstner Waterfalls

5km away from the park, guests will find the natural beauty of Gunster Waterfalls. You can't go for a swim, but families can climb the specially designed path to take a close look.

Festivals & Events: Shakespeare Festival

Ambitious actors get together to put on productions of Shakespeare’s plays.