Nestled between the Loire Valley and the Pyrenees mountains in the picturesque countryside of southwest France, camping in Dordogne involves the best of rural French living; charming villages, winding rivers and diverse wildlife let you reconnect to nature.

Keen explorers will relish the chance to discover the region by foot, bike or even canoe! The River Dordogne winding throughout the area is the fifth longest in the country, with the chance to observe the region from many angles being a significant draw.

A year-round destination due to its eternally sunny climate, your days under the sun here can feel like a daydream. Many also come to the Dordogne for the brilliant food, where gourmet meals are filled with the best local produce - from Bergerac wine to rare truffles - dining here is an experience in itself.


Charming countryside  
Explore by boat or canoe
Great dining location


Hidden Gem: Beynac

This delightfully quaint village on the banks of the Dordogne river makes a wonderful place to visit. The château perched on top of a limestone cliff dominates the skyline in a fantastically dramatic manner.

Old Favourite: Sarlat

The most famous town in the region and one of the most renowned and visited in France. Before setting off for your walk around Sarlat, visit the tourist office which can provide a suggested walking tour to take in the key attractions.

Local Cuisine: Dordogne walnuts

The Dordogne produces more walnuts than anywhere else in France, which has been applied to some fantastic recipes. You’ll find them in liquors, cakes, tarts, and cheese… so enjoy!

What to See & Do: Beynac-et-Cazanac

There are over 1,000 fascinating chateaux to explore here, perhaps the most famous of all perched on a cliff in Beynac! Others include Biron, Bourdeilles, Commarque, Herm, Monbazillac, and Pecany.

Festivals & Events: Perigord Festival

In summer the church of St-Léon-sur-Vézère serves as one of the principle venues for the music events of the Perigord festival. It offers more than 20 classical music concerts in a unique architectural and natural setting.

Beaches & Lakes: Dordogne river

The mighty Dordogne river bisects the region and offers all the attractions you’d expect from one of Europe’s most dramatic waterways, with amazing views and a chance to take in some more sun.


Where is Dordogne?

Flying into Bergerac Dordogne Périgord Airport is the quickest way to get to our parks in the Dordogne. Situated in France's interior to the southwest, it is located in the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and is the third largest department in France. 

What's the weather like in Dordogne?

The climate in Dordogne is generally pleasant throughout the year, with summer temperatures often peaking at around 35 degrees. If you prefer your holiday temperatures a little more on the cooler side, then visiting in spring and autumn where the milder breeze from the Atlantic air may be preferable. 

During this time, you can also take in the changing colours of the landscape, from the vivid green shades of spring to vibrant orange and purple during the autumn.   

Where is the best place to canoe in Dordogne?

Whether you have already taken up canoeing as a hobby or you are keen to try it for the first time, Dordogne River is the place to venture. A novel way of taking in the throwback aspects of country life in the region, travelling anywhere between Argentat and Mauzac on the 170km stretch of water makes for a memorable day trip. 
The gentle pace of the river in mimicking the relaxed way of life of the department also means that children and beginners won't feel out of their depth. Paddling for the day from Domme to Beynac is arguably the most dramatic stretch, where cliffside medieval fortresses overlook your passage through!