Wonderful, ever changing landscapes makes the Dordogne a relaxing and tranquil spot to get away from it all. With picturesque villages, glorious countryside, an abundance of wildlife it’s perfect for walking, cycling and of course canoeing down the river.

Immersed in history, this beautiful region has an unforgettable charm. Beautifully preserved, Dordogne was one of the original 83 départements created during the French Revolution. Nowadays, Dordogne is the supplier of much of France's finest produce, including Bergerac wines, crèpes, mushrooms, rare truffles, and foie gras. The mighty Dordogne river bisects the region and offers all the attractions you’d expect from one of Europe’s most dramatic waterways.

You Said

"Very nice and quiet placement, the surroundings are astonishing, very good value for money." Mircea

Your Regional Specialist Clive

“The Dordogne is full of easy adventure opportunities, with prehistoric caves built into the mountains, hilltop châteaux admired from a canoe, or family bike rides along deserted lanes with a baguette and block of pâté in the rucksack. It's a rustic region of France but it's got a real charm about it, so it's a brilliant place to spend your holiday."

Hidden Gem: Beynac

This delightfully quaint village on the banks of the Dordogne river makes a wonderful place to visit. The château perched on top of a limestone cliff dominates the skyline in a fantastically dramatic manner.

Old Favourite: Sarlat

The most famous town in the region and one of the most renowned and visited in France. Before setting off for your walk around Sarlat, visit the tourist office which can provide a suggested walking tour to take in the key attractions.

Local Cuisine: Dordogne walnuts

The Dordogne produces more walnuts than anywhere else in France, which has been applied to some fantastic recipes. You’ll find them in liquors, cakes, tarts, and cheese… so enjoy!

What to See & Do: Beynac-et-Cazanac

There are over 1,000 fascinating chateaux to explore here, perhaps the most famous of all perched on a cliff in Beynac! Others include Biron, Bourdeilles, Commarque, Herm, Monbazillac, and Pecany.

Festivals & Events: Perigord Festival

In summer the church of St-Léon-sur-Vézère serves as one of the principle venues for the music events of the Perigord festival. It offers more than 20 classical music concerts in a unique architectural and natural setting.

Beaches & Lakes: Dordogne river

The mighty Dordogne river bisects the region and offers all the attractions you’d expect from one of Europe’s most dramatic waterways, with amazing views and a chance to take in some more sun.