There aren't many destinations that can lay claim to having all you need in one place, but Jura's largely undiscovered region on the Swiss border would definitely be high on the list. 

Outdoor adventurers of all kinds will be in their element, with forest covered valleys, winding lakes and striking mountain backdrop just waiting to be explored via foot, bike or even sail. 

Art lovers may want to take in the quaint town of Ornans to the south, where you will find art museums dedicated to realist painters and a lovely walk along the river through woods and steep cliffs.  

Those looking for food capitals of France won't be disappointed either, with Arbois and Poligny to list just a couple of notable stop-offs for authentic wine and cheese themed dining. 


Diverse landscapes
Hiker's paradise
Perfect for adventure seekers


Hidden Gem: Besançon Citadel

The walls of the citadel lie 100 metres above the town near to the River Doubs. The walls are up to 20 metres high and 6 metres thick. It offers visitors spectacular views over the old town of Besançon and surrounding areas.

Old Favourite: Dijon

During May to September you can hire kayaks along the river. Enjoy the mountains and undulating plateaus which stretch across this region, a great way to get tranquillity away from the crowds.

Local Cuisine: Comte cheese

Local to the Jura region, Comte cheese is made from unpasteurized cows milk and has the highest production of all French cheese, over 40,000 tonnes a year. It's also rather tasty. 

See & Do: Grande Cascade

The rock-splitting Herisson Falls, for example, (31 in all, including the 60m Grande Cascade) are high on most visitors' agendas, as indeed are the Gouffre de Poudrey caves (complete with sight and sound show).

Festivals & Events: Festi'caves

A music and wine tasting event happening on the third weekend in July in Arbois, the capital of Jura, famous for its gastronomy. The musicians are experts and this is a real treat.

Cities and Sights: Nature in Jura

Jura is home to one of the world's most spectacular mountain locations, so you can expect to see a breathtaking variety of awe-inspiring, achingly beautiful features left to us by Mother Nature.


Where is Jura?

Located in eastern France and southeast of Dijon, Jura's vineyard scattered hills are immediately noticeable on arrival. Sparsely populated mountains are visible to the southeast, as is Switzerland and capital Geneva just across the border to the east of the region.  

What's the weather like in Jura?

While the temperatures will no doubt be cooler if you decide to ascend the snow-capped Jura mountains during a day trip (!), the Jura region tends to enjoy pleasant summers during high season. Temperatures remain mild even when visiting the area during the spring and autumn, with plenty of sunny days still making it suitable for navigating the hills and valleys.  

When is the best time of year if I want to hike the Jura mountains?

Many keen explorers naturally visit the Jura region due to its picturesque peaks. Sprawled across Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, snow-covered winter months are suitable for skiing, while the summits aren't too steep for families wanting to tread the trails in the spring and summer months.