Few cities combine historical might and the joys of modern living quite as well as Rome.
On the one hand, the likes of the Colosseum, Pantheon and Roman Forum let you discover the heart of the Roman Empire. 
However, on the other, experiencing la dolce vita - translated as 'the good life' - is possible through spending your time roaming the picturesque piazzas and streetside cafes.

The alfresco life continues into the evening in the city, with family-friendly trattorias and pizzerias among the locals capturing the essence of the Roman experience. 

Looking for great wine? The nearby Castelli Romani hills supply much of the glorious white wine here, while the coffee is also said to be one of the best in the world.  



Famous Roman architecture
Culture and tradition
Easy to navigate


Beaches & Lakes: Ostia Beach

A pleasant metro and train ride out to the coast is well worth it for Ostria Beach. Once an important port for ancient Rome, you can relax under the sun and observe the ruins in the same trip. 

Hidden Gem: Baths of Caracalla

Colossal statues, marble columns and different varieties of marble cover the walls of this ancient thermal complex. The baths are situated within walking distance from the Colloseum.

Old Favourite: Vatican City

Vatican City is the smallest country in the world with only 920 inhabitants. Home to the Pope and Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, Vatican City was built over the tomb of Saint Peter.

Local Cuisine: Italian Coffee

Italians drink their way through an impressive 14 billion cups of coffee a year so it’s worth knowing the local lingo; ordering a caffè will get you an espresso and when ordering a Latte you may be asked ‘Caldo o freddo?’ (Hot or cold?).

Festivals & Events: Lungo il Tevere

Taking place along the banks of the Tiber River, food stalls, crafts, live music and child-friendly rides and amusements make for a great day out throughout summer.  

See & Do: Rome!

With two of our campsites on the doorstep of Rome, it's the ideal opportunity to take to one of the most famous, and beautiful, cities in the world. See the sights, try the food, and taste some wine!


Where is Rome?

Capital of the Lazio region of Italy, Rome is in central Italy close to the western coast of the country. Rome's geographical neighbours include the Tiber river, while the smallest country in the world in Vatican City is also housed within the boundaries of the ancient city. 

What's the weather like in Rome?

Travelling to Rome in August means entering the city at peak summer temperatures, with an average high of 30 degrees particularly appealing for those who enjoy the warm weather. If you are looking to visit when it's a little cooler, June's average high is a few degrees lower. The summer months are often dry, which makes it easy to plan a day of adventure in and around the city. 

When can I visit Rome to watch live tennis?

Each year, the city hosts one of the biggest clay court tournaments on the calendar. It's traditionally held in the second week of May, with many of the top male and female tennis players on the ATP and WTA tours competing for the trophy.