Sardinia is a large Italian island set in the Tyrrhenian Sea and has over 1,000 miles of spectacular coastline. With its seemingly endless beautiful sandy beaches, mountainous regions, hiking opportunities, and Bronze Age ruins, Sardinia is 23,000 km² of unmatchable relaxation and remains one of the world’s most idyllic locations.

Your Regional Specialist Lynn

"If you fancy getting out and about, a drive around the rugged coastline of Sant’Antioco is really worth it. Take a picnic and stop for lunch on one of the many beaches, with the crystal clear waters they are all picture perfect. Cagliari, the island's capital is a must, highlights include the 13th Century Cathedral."

Hidden Gem: Grotta di Nettuno

Neptune's Grotto is a spectacular cave reached by steps, full of stalactites and stalagmites, a 120 metre long underwater salt lake and a white sand beach!

Old Favourite: Cagliari

The largest town on Sardinia is full of amazing historical buildings including a Roman amphitheatre, Byzantine basilica and a medieval castle.

Local Cuisine: Pardulas

Pardulas are just one of the many culinary specialities of the island. These individual sweet pastries, stuffed with ricotta were originally baked for Easter.

What to See & Do: Cala Sapone

Right next to our Tonnara campsite is Cala Sapone, a beautiful little beach surrounded by spectacular rocks, with shallow, crystal water ideal for swimming.

Festivals & Events: Girotonno

Sardinia is famous for tuna and every year they celebrate this catch with the Girotonno - a four-day festival dedicated to these fascinating fish. 

Beaches & Lakes: Spiaggia di Chia

At 750 meters long and 90 meters wide, filled with golden sand and surrounded by juniper trees, Chia beach is one of the finest in Sardinia.